These are just a few of my Arizona Bowenwork clients past and present who wanted to share their experiences.

I am Martial Artist Neil Wilson and a client of Teresa’s. I have noticed aneil wilson160d24f8-7f00-0001-0198-12b002dc8a00 significant improvement in the way my body was holding on to some old injuries. I imagine I am somewhat of a poor subject when it comes to the effects of Bowenwork because I am always doing such varied physical things in my active lifestyle as a martial artist. Let me tell you of my experience so far.With Teresa as my practitioner, I felt a relaxation on her table as well as in her presence, which made the initial sessions for sure, seem more like an energy therapy session.I felt very able to relax on the table and this is unusual for me, because I usually have a lot of thoughts and hyper vigilance as I lay there. I wonder if this feeling of relaxation in an energetic way would be the same with all practitioners. The Bowen techniques are supposed to integrate into the body, helping the healing cycle where it may have bottomed out. I see validity in this science. As a thinking biological magnetic organism the intention of the techniques integrating into the body’s healing process, may be as valid as anything else. I think that when you combine these physical manipulation techniques that work on almost a level of kinesiology with a practitioner who has as much zeal, focus, and intention as Teresa, there is an opportunity for some potent healing. Einstein says “… thought precedes all energy in the universe”.I believe that the way my body was protecting old injuries has changed. In a way there was even some discomfort after some treatments as my body reassessed how to heal, instead of just locking something up and protecting it. At a period of time where I did several treatments in a row consistently, it seemed as if I could do more strenuous physical exertions with fewer repercussions.I think everyone should try Bowenwork techniques with Teresa consistently for some amount of time and evaluate their benefits, especially if you are an athlete, or other highly active person.This is my perception as a professional Martial Artist. If you were less active or even injured or infirm I believe many would find remarkable benefits, especially if you were able to have consistent appointments, do your exercises as prescribed and stay mindful of your body and its process. Thank you for playing a crucial role in areas of my physical re-alignment.

Neil Wilson
Flagstaff, AZ
Sleeping Lion Martial Arts 


When I came across Teresa’s ad for Bowenwork, I thought here is something that I haven’t tried. I had been to every specialist that the allopathic medical community has to offer with no relief or diagnois. I had head/eye and physical problems and was rapidly losing my sight and mobility. All the medical doctors had to tell me was that I had a rare auto-immune disease that they could treat with steroids for the rest of my life. I Googled every symptom I had to seek a treatment. Out of frustration I decided that I would try natural healing and started with acupuncture and cranio-sacral therapy, the combination helped a little. Then I met Teresa, who introduced me to Bowenwork and within 6 months my life is back to normal. The Bowen therapy is so gentle but very powerful, and relaxing to make healing possible. Most therapists are afraid to touch people but Teresa has such a loving touch and I love the feeling I get when I leave.

Annie Sheppard
Flagstaff, AZ 


I went to see Teresa, while she was working one day, and she noticed that I was rubbing my hips and lower back. I told her that 2 months before I fell down a flight of stairs and that the day before I had a garage sale and was on my feet all day. She sat me down on a chair and said this is just a bandaid. She did some gentle moves, told me to rest and she walked away, she came back in a couple of minutes and did some more gentle moves, she did this a couple more times. I asked her what she did, Teresa told me she did Bowen on me and explained what it was about and within 5 minutes after she finished my pain was gone. I could not believe it, my back felt great.

Since Teresa worked on me that day I started seeing her and within a few visits my back is almost 100% better. I also have other issues with my body and they too have improved immensely. Bowen definitely has improved the quality of my life.

Thank you Teresa for helping me.

Mary Mannee


I am so grateful for what you’ve helped me with. I’ve been back to my volunteer shift at the Sedona Public Library and look forward to it. My back pain has taken a great turn and is diminished; there are days I don’t need to take any Tylenol or Motrin or use Lidocaine patches!! I have a renewed confidence in my body-I seem to trust it more now and feel that cycle of pain-anxiety-more pain has been broken!



For the last 4.5 years I have seen some 19 doctors, along with other modalities trying to find a cure. Statements like GOOD LUCK, was not want I wanted to hear. Medication only makes me better for short periods then I end up worse than before. Bowenwork has given me relief and recovery without side effects. My body is finally balanced from sleep or normal functioning without drugs/medications. It is amazing to me as a nurse that simple touch and movements can do so much and continue to work without pain. Quality of life is what I am finally getting.

M. Munoz, RN
Kingman, AZ 

Additional Testimonials 



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