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These are web sites that may be of interest to you.
The Foragers Path School
 of Botanical Studies with Mike Masek in Flagstaff, AZ  combines indoor lecture and outdoor experience. His training programs emphasize the development and training of Community Herbalists. Classes at The Forager’s Path offer high quality training in both the theory and practical application of Southwest Herbs & Edibles, Ayurveda and Essential Oils.Flagstaff’s Winter Sun apothecary offers one of the largest selections of organic and wild crafted herbs in the Southwest and hand processed by knowledgable Winter Sun staff– no animal testing is done.

Dara Dietz’s – herbs, tonics and related information. Similar to Dr. Schulze products but they are actually closer to Dr. Christopher’s products.  Dietz’s site seems more affordable than most of the highly publicized products.


Wisdom of the Earth is located near magical Sedona, AZ and has a line of 200+ single, medicinal-grade essences imported from dedicated farmers throughout the world.

Discount vitamin web sites I use from time to time:   Discount coupons for VItacost
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