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If you are serious about sports, Bowen is a vital resource.
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Bear Grylls

We all know Bowenwork is vital resource to sports. “Adventurer Bear Grylls’ battle with back pain and high cholesterol” by Moira Petty

Bowenwork can be instrumental in improving player fitness, accelerating recovery and preventing injuries – all of which can positively effect success on the pitch, track, pool, court – in any sports arena. And in the case of an acute injury such as a sprain or strain, the immediate application of Bowen can put an athlete straight back in the game.Bowen can bypass traumatic reactions like swelling, inflammation and immobilization. Using Bowen immediately after an injury can interrupt this trauma cycle completely, giving the athlete a much faster recovery and little or no down-time after the injury. The healing process will still be accelerated even if the Bowen session occurs some time after the injury.

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