Baby Bowen

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The topic of Baby Bowen is known among midwives and professionals around the world. Bowenwork has been effective in helping with infertility, in helping parents through pregnancy, and childbirth and is also beneficial and safe for newborns as well as children.

This Bowenwork Doula speaks on Bowen.



Not only Baby Bowen but Bowenwork in general has had a surprisingly high success rate with aiding conception, particularly if both parents are treated. In particular, Bowenwork can help relieve emotional stress and address the pelvic area, allowing effective natural blood-flow, lymphatic drainage and nerve supply of the body, all of which can affect fertility. Many women conceive after just a few sessions of Bowenwork.


Pregnant Women

Bowenwork has been known to be effective with the discomforts.

Early Pregnancy

  • Morning Sickness & Heartburn
  • Breast Discomfort
  • Varicose Veins
  • Insomnia, Headaches etc

Mid Months of Pregancy

  • Back-ache
  • Posterior Pelvic Pain
  • High Blood Pressure in pregnancy
  • Carpel-Tunnel Syndrome

Late Pregancy,  Labour &
Puerperium (after the birth)

  • Pain relief and general relaxation

Neonates (Newborn Baby) & Children

Bowenwork is completely safe and effective to use on newborns, tiny tots and children of all ages. Bowenwork can be beneficial even after an uncomplicated birth,

Common conditions Bowenwork can help with in Babies & Children:

  • Baby Colic & Reflux
  • Restrictions in Baby Turning Head to Side
  • Unsettled babies
  • Feeding challenges
  • Asthma
  • Bedwetting
  • Misalignment

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