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John WIlks

John WIlks

To view a U-tube video with John WIlks introducing the Bowen Technique

Bowenwork is often called the”homeopathy of bodywork.”

Bowenwork is a relatively new concept in therapeutic bodywork, however it has been practiced since the 50’s in Australia.

Bowenwork is neither derived from nor similar to any other physical modality and is becoming more and more popular in the USA.

Bowenwork restores the body’s natural balance and provides relief from chronic pain by allowing the body to heal itself through gentle and relaxing moves made by the practitioner.

Bowenwork is extremely gentle, relaxing and considered highly effective for everyone in physical discomfort with treatment protocols for almost every health condition.

• Misalignments commonly right themselves – yet there is no manipulation of joints or bones as in chiropractic therapy.
• Muscle tensions and strains are relieved and normal lymphatic flow restored – yet muscles are not squeezed as in massage.
• Meridians show immediate improvements – yet the work is not based on meridians, and does not resemble acupuncture or acupressure.
• Fascia re-hydrates, adhesions release and scar tissue softens – yet there is no heavy pressure as in Rolfing or deep-tissue work.
• Internal psychological shifts are common – yet it is not necessary to evoke emotional response as in mind-body therapies.
• Nearly everyone reports a pleasant, relaxed state and a deep sense of well-being and ease.
Bowenwork is completely safe and appropriate for everyone from the highly trained athlete to newborns, pregnant woman, elderly and the chronically ill.

Links for more information:
www.bowenwork.com                                                      www.americanbowen.academy

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