Articles by Bowenwork Instructors

Sandra Gustafson

Sandra Gustafson , a California Licensed Registered Nurse, Holistic Health Consultant, Bowenwork Practitioner and Bowenwork Instructor, currently practicing in Santa Rosa, CA.





vicki_mechner_125Vicki Mechner, Instructor & Practitioner for the Bowen Therapy Academy of Astralia. She was authorized to teach for BTAA in 2001 and was invited to speak at the Australian Bowtech Conference in Adelaide in 2002 on the topic of collaborative research. She returned to Australia several times for additional study and served as an advisor to the Tom Bowen Legacy Trust Fund, an Australian charity that benefits children with disabilities. Vicki’s private practice and most of her classes are in Springfield, Virginia, outside Washington DC. She is past Secretary of BAUSA’s Board of Directors.




Alexia Monroe

Alexia Monroe

Alexia MonroeBA, LMT is a Senior Instructor for the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia. Alexia treats clients in private practice, and teaches a regular schedule of Bowenwork trainings in Prescott and Arizona City.





Nancy Pierson (standing left)

Nancy Pierson, is a past president of Bowenwork Academy USA, a certified Bowenwork practitioner and a registered Bowenwork instructor and has been a bodyworker since 1990.






Karin Twohig  is an Instructor for the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.  While Bowenwork is rapidly expanding worldwide, Karin is one of only 12 certified instructors in the entire U.S. and one of only 50 worldwide. Karin travels internationally to teach the Bowen Technique. She is the owner of the Bowenwork School which has teaching arms in the Carmel, California, the Hawaiian Islands and Italy. In addition to her Bowenwork School she operates a private practice in Carmel, California.



Robyn Wood

Robyn Wood
 is from the Gold Coast in Australia. After 20 years she had the privilege to have taught thousands of students the wonders of Bowen. This teaching has taken her to every state in Australia and to every Continent in the World.

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